Psychiatrist Consultations.

If you're seeking help for your mental health, you may be wondering what a psychiatrist is and how they can help. This page provides a guide on the role of a psychiatrist, what sort of consults we offer & what to expect during a consultation.

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What is a

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor with advanced training in the treatment of mental illness. They have the expertise to diagnose, treat, and manage psychiatric conditions using a combination of medication and therapy. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists can prescribe medication, making them an important part of your treatment team.

Consultations with
a Psychiatrist.

During a consultation with a psychiatrist, you will be given the opportunity to discuss your concerns, thoughts, and feelings. Your psychiatrist will also ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of your mental health and symptoms. After conducting a comprehensive assessment, your psychiatrist will work with you to develop a tailored treatment plan that may include medication, therapy, neurostimulation and/or lifestyle changes.

Where can this service be accessed?
• In-clinic
• Telehealth

Opinion and Management Consults.

A specialist psychiatric consult designed to provide comprehensive assessment and management recommendations for your treating GP to help manage your condition. Our psychiatrists will:

• Work with you to understand your situation
Identify any underlying mental health issues
• Review your current medication regime
• Provide a detailed management plan to help your GP manage your condition over the long term

Benefits of Seeing a Psychiatrist.

Accurate diagnosis: Psychiatrists have the training and expertise to accurately diagnose mental health conditions and determine the most effective course of treatment.

Personalised treatment: Psychiatrists work with patients to develop a tailored treatment plan that considers your individual needs, preferences, and circumstances.

Integration of different treatments: Psychiatrists are trained to understand how different treatments work together, making them well-equipped to provide an integrated treatment approach.

Long-term care: Psychiatrists can provide ongoing care for patients with chronic mental health conditions, monitoring progress and adjusting treatment as needed.

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