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Dr Brendan Hyland

Medical Director & Psychiatrist
Dr Hyland has many years of experience in delivering TMS treatment. He established and ran inpatient & outpatients TMS at the Albert Road Clinic in Victoria.

Dr Richa Rastogi

Dr Rastogi's areas of interest include mood and anxiety spectrum disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention deficit disorders (ADHD). She has in depth knowledge and experience in Psychotherapy and offers different modalities as part of her consultations.

Mona Edelbi

Psychologist, Senior Clinician
Mona is a psychologist with over 5 years-experience  conducting & managing TMS at various locations across NSW.

Simone Lacoste

Patient Experience Coordinator
Simone has had over two years of experience giving patients the right information prior to them starting TMS treatment. She is currently studying psychology and has an English Major.

Dr Dona Biswas

Dr Biswas is a general adult psychiatrist. She is an expert in the management of a wide range of mental health conditions with special interest in mood disorders, women’s mental health issues, complex PTSD and adult ADHD.

Gavin Anderson

Clinical Trainer & Senior Clinician
Gavin is a nurse with over 5 years of experience running TMS in Victoria at the Albert Road Clinic.

Tamsey-Jade Simpson

Associate Operations Manager
Tamsey established the head office operating procedures for one of Australia’s largest networks of outpatient TMS clinics

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