Our aim is to be Australia’s most people friendly mental health network

What does this mean? It means we treat you as a person, not a number & we invest in our service to give you the best possible treatment experience–and outcome.

We use the latest technology to give youthe best possible treatment outcome

The first network to use neuronavigated TMS treatment in Australia. We are a paperless clinic and give you access to your treatment information whenever you need it.

We stick to the evidence

We stick to evidence backed treatment under the lead of our Medical Director & Psychiatrist,
Dr Brendan Hyland.

We treat you like a person

We set up our service to mirror what we would want out of a mental health service if we were having
treatment ourselves

We constantly innovate & invest in our service

With your feedback we are constantly looking for new ways to make your experience even better

A healthy work environment for our staff

We create a working environment that encourages our employees to look after their own mental health as well
as yours.

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